Daughter Poem

Irises Of Beauty

She sees in her daughter the potential for greatness

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Published: February 2006

As Grey
These irises of beauty
Not of knowing yet
But quizzical
These eyes shall cast
Many looks
Many views
Yet their beauty lies in wait
Knowledge shall strike these eyes
These eyes will widen
And awaken
And she shall walk unfettered
These eyes shall glisten
More than once
But experience will divine wisdom
In these eyes gray like solder
Gray like steel
Hearts will break
If not her own
But heart behind the steel
Will christen her ever still
Her following will be great
And those that dare to gaze'
Will feel the awakening
And perhaps insight
Into who they are, what they have
Not yet seen
There will be a shift
A moment
Unto those who seek
These eyes
It will be such a touch
Such that none can speak a word



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