Growing Up Poem by Teens

this talks about mixed emotions of a growing up teenager

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Is It Because I'm Still a Teenager


Published: March 2011

Why does everything feel so wrong when I know there's nothing wrong
Why do I feel so confused when I know that life's all about confusion
Why do I always want to be happy like the other kids even though I know that they are not really happy and that everyone has problems of their own
Why do this one thing to ruin my life and take away all my happy moments
Why do I always cry now instead of laughing away the sorrow and not taking life seriously like I used to do
Why do I always dream of being happy even though I know reality awaits me
Why do I always keep on hoping even though I'm tired of hoping
Why can't God hear me even though I plead with him day and night
Is it because He has bigger plans for me or
Is it 'cause I'm not worth it
Why do I feel this way when I know my life is okay
Why do I hate myself and feel this way
Is it 'cause I'm still a teenager or
Is it just me



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