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Is It Too Late Now?

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Published: March 2014

Is it too late now?

A song comes to mind, perhaps from the 80's - It's too late baby now, it's too late", perhaps you can finish up the rest of the sentence yourself.

That is a depressing thought, and not neccesarily a true one. I had to laugh this morning as my wife pulled me over to watch an amazing sight. She was polishing a piece of jewelry. What was amazing was not the fact that she was polishing. Rather it was what she was polishing and her accompanying statement that made us chuckle collectively.

As a fresh, wet behind the ears, groom of 22, I bought her a simple piece of jewelry to celebrate our new commitment to each other. She took one look at it and searched for a place to hide it. 32 years later (this morning) she discovered the piece in her closet. She was polishing it with the intention of actually wearing it. And then came the accompanying statement. "See" she said,  as she polished vigorously, "no matter how many years of marriage go buy, you can still apply the polish".

And apply it she did.

We know that life can sometimes/often disappoint, but we can pick up the rag of life....apply some polish-inspiration and find ourselves in a much better place.



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