Teen Death Friend Poem

Hi ! I'm Sasha Singh. The poem that I have written differentiates between two worlds and so it goes on and on.
I made it in the pain of my dead friend who I miss very much
I wish she comes back . it hurts a lot to lose somebody.

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Is There A Way Out?

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Published: April 2012

Their world is bright
but in my world it's still night
everything in their world is in bloom
but here it's in gloom
It's all so happy and light
but in my world it's more of a fright
It's all so crystal clear, in their world
why do I sense fear, here in my world
they smile and cheer
why can't I sense that happiness my dear

I'm mentally and physically tied
the soul and spirit had died
all I wish is the pain would subside
I'm filled with horror and that why I hide

I'm in such a pain
why doesn't anybody see that I am in vain
life has offered me several lanes
and I hope over me; sunshine rain
I won't let this opportunity drain

because if I do, I will whine
and lie that I'm fine
pray to get back everything back what once was mine
all I need is a sign
to lead me towards divine

help me stand up on my feet
and let me dance on the same beat
lets together turn on the heat
once again, make me and happiness...MEET .



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