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It's The True Me All Along


Published: July 2009

Tears fell from the sky, hate steamed down my cheek, anger, pain, kept inside.
No one to cry, but me.
Heaven above, hell below.
I looked in the mirror ugly showed.
Living in hell.
Wished I was gone flashed before your eyes,
but why did I say that when you don't even know I existed.
Left alone tears, anger, hate, what else?
Living in a nightmare.
Can't end this sleep.
The past will always remain in mind.
Living in the shadows, the glass has shattered.
If everyone felt pain and sadness like I do, that would resemble a scar.
Then who knew.
My heart was stolen from me from all the hatred that I had and have.
Starred, secrets, lies spread.
Nothing to see since I'm blind.
Nothing to feel inside since my heart was stolen from me.
If you listen closely and hear that drip-drop moan for love, who will that be.
If you can hear my voice speak up please.
Because living in the shadows is hell.
Now I know where I stand.
Starring back at the ground.
Seeing my reflection from my puddle of broken dreams.
That I've come to figure out there was a seed.
Ready to turn into a beautiful flower soon but, all it needs is love.
And when that seed is ready to get out of the shadows and into some light. You will see what you haven't been seeing It's the true me all along.



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