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Poem About Marrying Young

This is a reflection of young love growing into a mature love. My wife of 30 years was a young mother and a very brave young woman. She never gave up and always gave so much of herself. She is a true gift from God and a blessing to all who know her. My Pammy is the best of the best and the love of my life.

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Joys Of Being A Husband And A Wife

© more by Danny Blackburn

Published: December 2008

When you were 16 you were so beautiful, filled with life and adventure.
You were a girl, acted like a lady who was a woman, you were so mature.

When you were 16 you were my bride, together we were always and even in our hearts.
I would sometimes skip work to stay home with you just for the time together; I could not stand us apart.

We married so young, and others thought that we had no idea what life was about.
Our lives were simple, we had love and each other, we knew that we could make it without a doubt.

We looked forward to Friday night, to most of the time just sitting around loving each other.
We had married young and we were well on our way realizing soon after I would be a father and you a mother.

I watched you as your body changed, always seeing you more beautiful each day.
You had the soul of a caring mother, love you showed for an unborn child in a very caring way.

You were 16, you were so beautiful and soon to be a mother, so young and yet wise beyond your years.
You were so unbelievably perfect in all that you did for that child and your husband, you never expressed a fear.

You took on motherhood with unbelievable devotion, and loved that child with such passion
So young you were, and to this day I can say I have never seen a mother with greater compassion.

We have had three children in all, we have both given to them all and tried to give them a good life.
We, together raised our children who in all can't complain because you did all you could to make it nice.

Now we have grandchildren that our kids must raise and give a life,
So now I feel that we should get back to where we were 30 years ago; will you be my wife.

What I am trying to say is we have been there for everyone else, so young we were in our lives.
There are not many things I would change except now I think it is time that we find the joys of being a husband and a wife.

To you I dedicate my life, to you I devote my heart, to you I promise to cherish and hold above all others.



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