STOP Cutting Poem

I've been cutting for way too long and everyone thinks I can just stop. I tell my parents it would be like telling my sister with an eating disorder to just eat, but no one gets it. Somewhere I do want to stop, I just don't know how.

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Just A Few More Cuts


Published: July 2011

I cut myself
one two three four
as the blood spills on the floor

Once again
five six seven eight
how could something so terrible feel so great

With the knife to my arm
nine ten eleven twelve
how I love to hurt myself

I never want this feeling to end
thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
you'll never see a scar on me

Pain is one thing I still feel
seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty
also fears, I have plenty

I get me a rush of power and feelings
twenty-one two three and four
but the truth is I don't want it anymore



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