Cheating Poem by Teens

I wrote this poem when I was in 11th grade at high school. It is about my feelings after I found that my girlfriend, with whom I was in a more-than-1 year relationship, was just leading me on, just like how she did many others. I started feeling like a real loser, but the worst part was-I couldn't believe that she could cheat me, and I still loved her even after learning about her betrayal. So I thought maybe writing all my feelings on a paper would make me feel better. And here it is.

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Lament Of A Loser Broken Heart, Broken Trust


Published: November 2011

I feel I'm alone
Cut off from this true world
but instinct tells me she's the one
I listen to my heart
knowing it will only hurt
For love, it keeps me blind
Love, it keeps me bound

I stick on again
Knowing there's no gain
My friends tell me she's a cheat
But I just accept defeat
For love, it keeps me blind
Oh why, is she not kind?

I see her with someone in the park
And I go cry alone in the dark
I chose heart over brain
Hence now am immersed in pain
I thought we were never to be parted
But now I'm left broken-hearted

I've suffered enough and I'm grieving
Every thing's so hard, even breathing
But I still can't say what I must say
All I want to do is run away
For love, it keeps me blind
So blind, Oblivious and blind.

Oh, why can't I just say goodbye
For all I know she won't even cry
I'm the one who can't let her go
Oh God, what am I waiting for?
I don't even know,
How could I have known
For love, It left me blind
Blind, irrevocably blind

While I was trapped in my own false truth
I failed to see the real, ugly truth
That love is just an illusion
Filled with anguish, despair and confusion
For a while it messes with your mind
Then it leaves you out of your mind
Searching for comfort which you won't find
Love ,It keeps you blind
Blind, so miserably blind



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