Mother Child Poem

Poem About Yearning For Freedom

A daughter talks about her desire for freedom and her belief that her mother fears her going out into the world, which may be cruel.

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Let Me Out Into The World!


Published: February 2006

She treats me like the child; I am but don't want to be.
I crave diversity and the right to be free.
I feel I should have control over my life in order to be me,
But in her mind this she doesn't see.
She sees her baby,
Headed out to the cruel world,
And maybe,
Just maybe,
If she tries to control
The life I live,
I won't want to go
Out into the world that may be cruel but is also a place of wonder and undiscovered truths
Waiting to be revealed
By this baby girl,
Headed out to the world
At the age of seventeen, looking for her dream.


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