Aging Poem

Poem About The Progression Through Life

This is a poem I wrote over the space of two days, carefully considering my words and making it somewhat humorous yet touching. I really wanted to make a poem that would make an older person reflect on their life in a nostalgic way. I hope I accomplished that goal!

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Reflecting On Life


Published: August 2016

Growing up is tough,
Growing up is hard.
Do you remember taking off your diaper in the front yard?
Fairytales read
To boys and girls alike.
Do you remember the first time you rode a trike?
Lying in bed
Trying to count sheep.
Remember, Santa knows when you are asleep!
During that time,
When everything sounded cool,
Remember when you played sick to skip school?
Growing up is difficult.
There's no need to rush.
Do you still remember your first crush?
High school is full of great things"
Making friends, grades, and going to celebrations.
It's all good memories after your high school graduation.
College is tough,
But you made it through.
Even making it out with the degree you're all about.
Time to go to work.
Even if you're the boss of the company,
Remember, at one time, you were once an employee.
Now growing even older feels tough.
More often than not, you still feel a bit rough
From working so hard, but with determination
You guaranteed your name through a new generation.
And they shall carry on your legacy,
As you have taught them: "Hard work will move you forward in this society."
The children have grown,
And you watch the grandchildren,
Letting them know, "That's enough television."
Console them as they cry
And teach them something new.
Even in old age, the teacher is still you.
Looking at the family you helped create,
You can't help but feel a little great.
The children hold your hand,
And you smile hard,
Because somehow, you remembered taking off your diaper in the front yard.


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