Hope Poem

Life Is Challenging

Life starts out innocent but as it progresses it gets more and more challenging.

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Published: March 2008


Her cries were heard before
her head moved out of her Mother's womb. 
Her eyes, a deep blue
that took you into the depths of her very soul,
reflecting the gravity of it all. 
This baby was carrying
the weight of the world on her shoulders. 
It felt inevitable that this little one's life
was going to be hard and cold,
a road that she came into this world
unprepared to travel, yet destined.

Cries of fear and uncertainty?
No, cries of all knowing dread.
Tomorrow is coming, and she will live.
Live through it all.  All of the pain
and suffering that she owned coming in.

As she experienced life,
her mind rang out in daunting thoughts of futility. 
Walking through the fire daily,
grasping at glimpses of hope,
but only finding her hands filled with empty despair. 
Trying to find a song in her night,
she only felt a choking. 
Daily her heart fought off the darkness
that was trying to embrace her. 
Disappointment came in many packages
such as disease, molestations, beatings,
trickery, mental scourging, emotional blackmail,
pain, unforgiveness, adulteries, anger,
hate, deceit, loss, anguish, and defeat. 

But, for a fleeting moment, life felt sweet,
just long enough to tease the desires
and hopes of her young expecting heart. 
Everything she touched prospered,
only to be squandered away by her debaucherous companions.
Her heart wilted
and then hardened as survival took over,
but slowly emptiness had its way with her,
suicide seemed to be her ticket to freedom. 
But she could not even accomplish death,
for you see she was destined, destined to live.

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