Inspirational Friend Poem

Friendships don't always take the usual form, you may be a friend to someone that you never even met.

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Life Long Fellowship


Published: June 2007

So many things shape what we become
Minute to large influences add up to one sum
Many individuals have touched our paths
From the preachers who preached to our folks who gave baths
And those parents must have shown us a lesson or two
And our teachers often taught us the false and the true
Even neighbors who helped with a requisite loan
Or relatives we'd only met on the phone
Without any we'd be somehow different today
If still present we're thankful for the roles that they play
But it's hard to believe you've touched someone the same
They may not have known you or even your name
But believe that we're significant in this brief life
We help one another through lessons and strife
There's hope and there's friendship with others who care
We're never alone in these lives that we share
So let fellowship grow among women and men
And be blessed with gladness again and again.


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