Anger Poem by Teens

I dedicate this to one of my friends, Kristy. She was abused, raped everyday. I never knew what happened because she never spoke but now I know. She died in 2009 on October.

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Loathing Lies & Hazardous Smiles


Published: August 2013

I have my own mouth to speak; so shut up and hear
Loathing lies and hazardous smiles
They just won't disappear
Along the school white aisles
Murmurs and rumours that say
'She once was my friend but she betrayed'
But what they state is not the truth,

Boiling blood and dangerous death,
Bare its wielding sharp tooth
Forces me into silent breath,
Tolls it's clock for my remain
Safety is never in hand
It slips away leaving horrendous pain
Abuse, rape and demand,

Remembering the happy days
The memory leaves me in a daze,
Vulnerable to bullying and sharp words
She has changed now,
Rewards for money and horror
She gives them out, I wonder how?
Boys go and explore

Forgetting about my life
Enjoying their happiness
Like a puppet, controlled over,
Brutality is a lesson I knew
It sickens over my blooded body
Leaving me weak, helpless
Driven by madness,

Knew so much about the 'real world,
Yet never had my own voice
Since I was 8 years old
Took all my choice
Left me with adults
Who uncomfortably touched me
Took their anger out if I refused,

Since that day
I had never left my house
Time stopped,
And so did my heart


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