Life Lesson Poem

Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

The lesson of this poem is of the nature of a gift.

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Rodney's Pinto Pony


Published: February 2006

Do you want a pony?,
My Mother asked of me;
Oh yes! Oh yes! I replied very happily.
What kind of pony do you want?
A pinto pony, I said with glee.
But when the happy day did come,
and my pony arrived for me,
I looked and looked her up and down,
but no pinto spots did I see.
I asked my Mother, How could this be,
A pinto with no spots?
My Mother said, Ungrateful child,
a pony is a pony,
but if a spot is all you want,
come walk with me and see.
Remove the saddle and blanket too;
And look closely when you do.
You'll see the spot that she's got,
just hidden from your view.
I have a pinto pony,
I'm happy as can be
The only problem with her,
is the spot I cannot see.


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