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Lisa Roberts, MFTT was born in Easton, Maryland, adopted at 3 days old, and moved to California when she was 3-years-old. Lisa resides with her husband and four wonderful children. Lisa met her biological family in 2003. Lisa has two full-blooded twin sisters, a half-sister, and half-brother on her biological mom's side and a half-sister on her biological dads side. For the adoptee being adopted has many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. Feelings are strong and all are trying to belong.

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Lost In This World

© more by Lisa Roberts

Published: December 2013

Lost in this world
Nowhere to go, no place to hide
Big open field, so long and so wide.

Where did they go, where did they hide
Why did they leave me, what did I do?
I guess I will just have to be strong and pull through.

Strangers calling me, strangers wanting me
What else to do but go to these open arms
Loving and peaceful;
This is the place I am forced to be.

Nothing is real, nothing is right
I cannot describe the things I feel
Growing up with a grave loneliness inside;
Insecurities I just cannot hide.

Where did I come from
Was she a hooker, a tramp, a stripper
Why did she let me go to wander this world to and fro?

Thrashed and thrown over and over again amongst the ways of the world
Wanting and needing to know who and why
Just give me a face to see
To finally comfort me.

Questions answered, faces in clear sight,
And now closure to this inner fight.
Overwhelmed with feelings of joy
Shes alive, she's well, and she wants me this time
I think.

Fact or fiction, forced or wanting
I will NEVER know.
Now I am left wanting, needing, missing, and wishing
All at a different level.

Am I to be loved by these strangers this time
Or am I just a gift again to be thrown to the wind
I will always be an outsider to my little world of people
I still do not belong, I NEVER WILL.

Lost in this world
Nowhere to go, no place to hide
Big open field; so long and so wide.


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