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Lucky To Know Her Poem

A poem about, "If You Are Ever Lucky Enough To Know My Mother".

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My Mother

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Published: February 2006

If you are ever lucky enough to know my mother,
You will learn what true inspiration and genuine really is.
You will never pass her by without receiving a hug and a kind word,
Nor will your birthday come and go
without a sweet card and wonderful treat.
If you unfortunately lose a loved one,
my mother will be there to console.
She will pray for you and cry with you.
If you attend her church you will surely see her,
Lovingly teaching, glorifying in hymns,
and eagerly learning about her Lord.
Some will know her through her healing, and will wonder in amazement at the knowledge she possesses and the comfort in her touch.
You will never hear her utter an unkind word,
for cruelty is not in her heart.
You will never hear her speak boastfully
because she is the definition of humble.
She has taught me, inspired me, sacrificed and loved me.
She has been there through everything and will continue always.
She is my Best Friend.
If you ever have the chance to meet my mother even once,
You will know that you have been truly blessed.



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