Fear Poem by Teens

My Biggest Fear Poem

This poem is about facing your greatest fear. It may be as small as a spider or as big making mistakes. What made me feel better about myself in this situation was the analogy "Humans are to mistakes as mistakes are to human." So never feel down, just gear up and fight; never give up...!!!!!!!

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Published: July 2011

                   I want you to have it all
             My soul, my mistakes, my heart,
        You have the key to my innermost thoughts
              Slowly unlocking every door
   That shades you from me, from what I don't want you to see
                     MY TRUE COLORS

      Running away from you, from the one who
     relates, listens, and appreciate me for who
                              I AM
   Chasing you away from my heart, willing to feel lonely
         Just so you won't have a way to hurt me.
   Constantly chasing you in circles never knowing where it began
                 and where it will end

          You've unlocked everything, you've seen
                 my fears, my secrets, my joy,
        Only one door left as you open it all you see
                is a MIRROR, my biggest fear
               facing fear itself, my mistakes


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