Abandonment Poem

Poem About Cutting Off Feelings

A girl chooses to cut off her feelings for her mother in the hope that her pain will go away as well.

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Missing You Can't Go On


Published: February 2006

Where have you gone
My heart beats faster and faster every time I say your name,
Did you ever love me?
Do you love me now?
I think of you day in and day out and
Yet you are so far away
I don't know what to think anymore
Once I believed in my heart you were someone I could love forever
I can't love you anymore
The pain is so deep
That every time I think of you
My heart is stabbed once again
It feels like thousands upon thousands of knives stabbing me in the heart
I can't go on like this anymore
I can't go on missing you so much that is jeopardizes my happiness
I want to run and be free from all the hurt you have caused me.
This is my last and final goodbye to the person I thought I could love for the rest of my life.
I am sorry.
But missing you can't go on.
Goodbye, Mommy.



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