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A girl is depressed and her mom seems to care not at all.

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My mom was never in my life from the time that I was 15 months old, my father got me potty-trained, walking, and talking. Then I was left to my own devices. By 4 years old I was alone in my...

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Mom, Do You Even Care?


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

The emptiness that I feel inside
Doesn't have words that I can describe
The loneliness I feel throughout
It was her fault without a doubt
She's still alive but to me she's dead
Of everything that we've ever said
I can't stand to live with her
All the time we fight
Because I don't forget anything
Nothing's alright
My Dad says she cares
He says that she's stable
When I was cutting myself
She only cared about the table
I don't know how I'll feel today or tomorrow
'Cause every other day is a day I feel sorrow
Some kids are lucky
Not having to deal with this bomb
Because this poems about you, so called--Mom.


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  • Summer by Summer, Troy NY
  • 10 years ago

My mom was never in my life from the time that I was 15 months old, my father got me potty-trained, walking, and talking. Then I was left to my own devices. By 4 years old I was alone in my dad's house. I ended up doing everything for them. I was cooking and cleaning for everyone. I got nothing. If we went out to eat and they brought me with them I knew something would happen to me. By that time I was 9 years old. My father would make me ride home with one of his friends and I would be raped in the back of the car. My father told me I didn't deserve to be his child anymore. My friends' parents gave me lunch money, and unless they took me to school, I would have to take a cab and hope nothing happened to me. I was pulled out of school in 6th grade; he was afraid of the school figuring out what was going on at home. So I was homeschooled from 6th grade through my junior year of high school. I was hospitalized for the depression. Then when the social worker talked to my father they told him that if he didn't put me back in school that they would call CPS. He didn't question the social worker. I ended up have to redo 9th, 10th, 11th, then 12th, in two and a half years or they would have to make me drop out. At 15 years old he decided to become a transgender without telling me. Then I was grounded for calling him dad I had to do very vivid and atrocious things as my punishment, the last and most traumatizing thing: he came downstairs in a skirt one day to ask me if I can see anything. My dad drove me to school. I was walking before or taking a cab. Then my case manager told him he was not allowed to bring me to the school, I couldn't do my work with it like that. He didn't care. I really was abandoned by my family. I found my mother in February 2012.I was shocked to find that I went from the youngest in my dad's house doing everything to being in my mother's house doing everything. Never once did they tell me, "I Love You", or make me feel special, I was torn to pieces. I started turning to boys I found that they all want the same thing and tell me they love me so they get my pants then their done. My ex's friend raped me 3 months ago, at the time I couldn't even say anything for 3 weeks. I was silent. I felt like my father's friends were back to get me again. I couldn't breathe and I cried every night, in the shower, on the phone, when I was home alone. I cried. I am still dealing with my innocence being taken from me I think it's my fault and I don't deserve to be loved. I am putting my life on track now but I still deal with the loss of a family that I never gained love or attention from. I was made to believe they will get to me when they get to me. I was told pain shows weakness. I was blamed for my great-grandmothers death which was 6 years after the last time I said anything to her.

  • Shilynn by Shilynn, Michigan
  • 11 years ago

I know what your going through I had a mom that loved me when I was little then when I hit about 7 or 8 she wanted me to spend less time with her so after about 2 months she told me that she was pregnant. I was like 9 and the baby came she started telling everyone that the new baby was all she ever wanted. I was hurt so we started fighting more and more and I started seeing her less and less. I loved my new little sister but I couldn't take the verbal abuse so I all together stopped talking to her and that means not talking to or seeing my little sister. It was a hard decision but I haven't talked to or seen her in a year and 6 months it's hard but I got a new loving caring mother so I promise it will all work out.

  • Whitney by Whitney, Wyoming
  • 11 years ago

I've been here. For 16 years I dealt with not only the verbal fights but the physical ones too. Both my parents were involved though. I am just now putting my life back together, just in time to graduate.

  • Jaylana by Jaylana, Indio California
  • 12 years ago

I'm sorry my mom doesn't care about me either and I use to also cut myself but I never told her. Lucky you had a dad who cared. My dad never gave a f**k about me and he left 11 years ago and now I'm only 14 and having to deal with it all by myself. I hope we can both over come this obstacle but I know how you feel it hurts :[ but life goes on!

  • JoAnna by JoAnna
  • 13 years ago

I have been here before. I wish one day you will see life in a different way. It took time to love myself and everyone around me. It's tough at times but I am sure you are a bright child who will amount to more in life than you think you will. Telling by this poem you have a lot of talent. Use it wisely, write everything you feel and use it to you advantage. Express it as much as possible. The more you express the better you will feel.

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