Lost Friend Poem

So, I was truly close to a friend of mine (we had the deepest conversations and vice versa) and suddenly, she began to think I was annoying. Gradually we stopped talking and eventually cut off all sorts of communication. She told everyone I'm really annoying now and I found out through them. So much for having a friend you can trust...eventually they all disappoint.

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Momentary Friendship


Published: August 2010

I really thought we'd be best friends forever,
then you did something I thought you would never
you talked bad about me, without my knowledge,
and when I sensed a feeling of resentment,
I realized it was something you didn't wish for me to acknowledge.
Now, more than ever, I was looking forward to college.

I thought that leaving would solve this mistake,
but really, it goes deeper than that,
You truly are fake.
You never give anything all you do is take.
And then you make it seem like you're crying a lake.
Save the drama, just for your sake.

The remains of this friendship are breaking down
they're taking the high road and leaving town.
All I have in mind now is designing my own gown.

The friendship happened for a reason,
though the closure, there was none.
And the fatal ending,
it wasn't bright like the sun.

So if you'll please excuse me,
let me walk away from you,
without further complication,
and no other excuse.

Then, I'll move out of state,
and never see you anymore,
Though I'll leave it to fate,
and let fate control it, evermore.

I honestly thought you'd be my best friend forever
why'd you have to do something I thought you would never
well, I'll give it to you, it was very clever
playing with my affections and pulling the lever.


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