Mother Child Poem

Poem About Longing to be with Mom

A child writes a poem to her mother. They are separated and far away, but she wants her Mom to know that she is thinking of her and praying to God that someday soon they will be reunited.

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A Little More Time With You


Published: February 2006

Here we are again, seperated mending our broken hearts,
wondering if we will ever be blessed with a chance for a brand new start.
Once again not seeing your face every day has again screwed me all up,
but I still have pleasant memories in the morning
as I'm still drinking from your coffee cup.
I try to dwell on the good times,
but the bad ones have outweighed them quit a bit the past few years.
I love you so much Mom,
but I can tell a dream from what's real as I shed my tears. 
I don't have money for you,
but I have just as much love as the sky so blue,
and my never ending whispers of prayers asking GOD to spend a little more time with you.
Mom, I can share with you the loneliness that you must feel,
and you can probably share with me
that I can finally decipher what's a dream and what is real.
Again Mom there is nothing I can do for you except send in this poem.
All of my love,
and I pray for a blessing to you of strength from The Good Lord Above.
I hate the fact that we can't see each other and the phone minutes are so few,
but just remember Mom I'm praying for GOD to spend a little more time with you!


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