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Mother Of The Year Poem

This mother is a pillar of her family, she gives strength in the darkest places, and through her faith in God gives strength to her children.

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I Appreciate You


Published: February 2006

I'm a big boy now momma, but I can still remember crying in your arms
Protecting me with your prayers so the world couldn't do me any harm
Taught me to be a man, even though I was too young to understand
The seed stayed in my heart, while you taught me and held my hand
We struggled with money, but you still found a way for us to survive
You kept food in our mouths while you continued to strive
To be the best mother you could, even though it was kinda hard
You lead us by the Bible, because in your heart it was carved
You prayed to God alone at night, you didn't want your child to see you cry
Because if I did I knew it was nothing I could do and for that I would've died
Just to see my momma smile, with a happy look on her face
It brought joy to my soul, because a miracle from God just took place
For you to smile, even in a storm like this
Being strong for us, letting me know I don't have to live like this
You carved me into the man I am, with your hand filled with love
Open to give freely anything I asked of
Momma, you're in my heart, and what happens if I hit my head
The heart beats, therefore the body lives on, even though the brain's dead
I Love you Momma like no other, strong, courageous, beautiful black mother
Built on a strong foundation, because on a solid rock you stood
Sitting in your room thinking, trying your best to get us out 'The Hood'
But it didn't matter momma, as long as you were there to hold my hand
I understand momma, you were doing everything you can
And after you did it all, you just had to stand
Hold God's hand, because He'll be the mother you've been to me
When you can't find a way He'll open your eyes for you to see
I know you know it, and you know you know it too
Just believe you know it, and God will bring you through
Bottom line is momma, I love you, trust God, and don't be sad
Because I would never ask for another, you're the best momma I could've had



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