Mother Child Poem

Good Morning Poem For Children

A Good Morning Poem of a mother's love watching her children begin to awaken, and face a bright new day.

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Good Morning


Published: February 2006

As I lay awake,
for my two little stars
to shine,

I look to my left;
here lies a little boy with rosy cheeks and fuzzy hair.
His energy is recharging,
he is so peaceful as he takes in all that will be used today.

Eyes will open,
arms will fold around me,
and hearts will melt together
from that warm bright smile that lights up my world.

I look to my right
to a suckling at my breast.
She hesitates to wake up,
little squirms and squeaks says,
"Just five more minutes mommy."

Her tiny pink lips pull away,
her arms stretch
and the sun catches
that twinkle in her eye.

She takes in everything around her;
the sound of rain falling,
the taste of sweet milk
dribbling from her soft tongue.

At last,
she gazes into my eyes
to reconnect with my heartbeat
and rocking of the womb
where she once lived.

"Good morning, my loves."


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