Baby Poem

Mother Writes About Her Baby Girl

A mother writes a poem about her beautiful baby girl. She's the most precious lily in the valley, and more special than any rose.

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Lilyann Rose


Published: February 2006

The most precious Lily in the Valley
More special then any Rose

When I wake in the mornin'
To her sweet little cry
Pick her up and dry her tears
I think to myself
Here goes another day in Heaven

As I hold her up and blow
Sweet bubbles on her little cheeks
She laughs and talks as if she's saying
I love you Mommy

Melts my heart when she reaches up
Grabs my finger with her tiny little hands
Smiles the brightest smile you ever did see
It's like I can tell what she's thinkin'
Mommy, don't ever let go

As she falls asleep on my shoulder
Each and every night
I look down at her, cuddled so tight
I close my eyes and thank the Lord,
For another day in Heaven!

The most precious Lily in the Valley
More special the any other Rose

That's my little Lilyann Rose
I love you little Lily



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