Mental Illness Poem

A sister writes a poem about her brother who's soul is tortured by despair and insanity.

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My Brother's Eyes


Published: February 2006

My brother's eyes are like embers of coal.
They bear no reflection of a soul.
He carries the scars of a thousand wars,
Yet the cause was never worthy.

Spring-time promises of growth and rebirth,
Do not give him renewed hope.
The amber rays of the summer sun cannot melt his icy glares.
September ushers in autumn's colors,
But they lose their luster in the cluster of his mind.
Winter's cold suits his mood as he broods about days of old.

Thoughts of his yester years fill him with hopelessness and despair.
As he listens to the voices in his head,
The things he dreads seem to haunt him the most.
The daily verses he rehearses are often quite morose

He is not quite forty, but he is not hearty.
His mind has gone awry.
I dare not pry, but in his eyes are stories left untold.



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