Aging Poem

Poem About Remembering Times With Dad

On the occasion of his father's 65th birthday, he takes time to remember all the ways his father loved him and cared for him throughout the years.

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My Dad


Published: February 2006

My dad is 65 today
Last night and 40 years ago he read to me.
His voice painted my world with words
In his arms everything was right

My dad is 65 today
Yesterday and decades ago we were walking in the woods,
My hand in his, he was a young giant
I was wide eyed and raw, with everything new, safe with my Dad

My Dad is 65 today
Last week and a lifetime ago he taught me to ride my bike
I was a scared kid in firm hands he trusted and loved
By trusting him I learned to start trusting myself

My Dad is 65 today
This morning and decades ago he was getting ready for work
He was the best carpenter in the world
I didn't understand then why he seemed so tired sometimes
I do now

My Dad is 65 today
Last night and many nights ago I was lost
The train wreck that was becoming my life was out of control
Simple and to the point, he helped me help myself
Always there'always Dad

My Dad is 65 today
And this morning and not so long ago he held his first grandchild
My son in the arms of my Dad
Painting the memory of a lifetime

My Dad is 65 today
And the time of his Winter has begun
I find I miss him more
I worry more about him

My Dad is 65 today
And today I realize how very blessed I've been
I am and always have been proud to be his 'boy'
I love my Dad



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