Father Poem

This poem is about a daughter who misses her old Dad and doesn't feel connected with the new one.

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My Daddy's A Stranger


Published: January 2009

Looking back to when you use to be the #1 Daddy,
you would give me piggyback rides,
give me candy whenever mommy wasn't looking,
read me stories before tucking me into bed,
and hug me when I was scared.
As the years went on and I matured
and things began to change.
"Daddy" became "Dad,"
piggyback rides turned into rides in the car.
You would punish me for eating sweets before dinner.
Help on homework was as close to a bedtime story as I'd get,
and things are now talked out when I'm scared.
Yes, those things changed so unwillingly,
but there's one thing that will always be scarred inside my heart.
The day I met your new employee;
this person wasn't like the others you have hired,
because this one was a woman.
I knew something was going to happen.
I never thought this was going to be it.
Tears started flowing down my face
as mom told me you were cheating on her.
Most of all it, hurt my heart
that you would fall for someone who had hurt your daughter's feelings in the past.
Mommy told you that I knew.
How I wish I never ever knew
That my father betrayed those we thought he loved!
As I sit next to him,
I feel like I'm next to a stranger.
Someone I know nothing about anything at all.
How I wish my Daddy could be here.
The one to hug me. to not be scared anymore.
That daddy is only a memory now and nothing more.
'Cause my Daddy's a stranger,
nothing else at all.


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