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Poem: A girl writes about her father who has passed away. He was given no love or education as a child. How did he give so much love to his children and wife?

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My Father, The Trainer


Published: February 2006

The man's name was Dick, he had no other.
He came at a time when names were no bother.
He was born one of many, maybe lost in the crowd,
His mother died young, he cried so loud.
His father deserted him in his time of need,
To go with his peers to a home of less deed.
He was raised by others who cared not a whit,
If he had love or comfort to sit.
He was sent to school but quit in grade seven,
No one cared if education was not even given.

At a young age, he joined the Army,
To be a soldier, a sergeant, a trainer of many.
He trained these soldiers in combat, in courage,
He did his part in the battle of this age.

He met a young girl, her name was Jo,
With hair red as rubies, skin white as snow.
He was so handsome, she was so fine,
It didn't take long for their love too so bind.
They married in a town that was called Mineral Wells
They stayed in a place called the Crazy Water Hotel.

One day the war ended and he was back home,
They had nine children, never did he roam.
He trained his children to have morals and manners,
Not one of them changed, for he was the planner.

A visit was made by a man named Waddell,
He told them about God, how to stay out of hell.
From that day forward, their family went to church,
They taught their children love and Salvation's great worth.

Later in life, Dick began to preach,
He was a trainer again, of God's word did he teach.
He lived a long life; he was loved by many,
When he died at home, he was mourned by plenty.
He was a trainer of love, a trainer of Grace,
He left this world to be remembered always.



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