Mourning Poem

A woman whose strong faith in God enables her to survive life's challenges.

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My Friend Alice


Published: June 2007

Alice was a dear, dear one
so staunch and brave was she
With dark brown eyes so beautiful
until she failed to see

Glaucoma dimmed the sparkle there
and left her without sight
Yet Alice held her head up high
when struggling with her plight.

She prayed that God would let her see
until her baby grew
Where then she could more ably tend
the chores she had to do

God's answered prayer brought forth anew
her faith in love and life
For Alice knew that God was there
and gloried in her strife.

She cooked and cleaned and managed well
her love still shining through.
Each obstacle that fell her way
increased her faith anew.

'Twas many years abiding so
till her son was a man...
And 'tho she could not see him
she felt him in her hand

I now believe that Alice
resides in Paradise
Where arms of love surround her
with guidance that is nice

And that my friend has found her way
e'er there shall she abide
For Jesus touched her sightless eyes
and now they're open wide.



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