Children Poem

My Children Are My Gifts

In the dark shines three beautiful lights. They guide me through my life. Comical, loving, passionate, kind, strong. A love that is continuous, never ending. They give me reason. Jewels indeed, no other can compare, priceless beyond words. As the pen touches the paper the words just spill out with ease, no difficulty, no effort. Just as a river flows so does the ink...easy, comfortable is how I feel. Pride, happiness, there is no room for dark or sadness, my girls, my daughters, my gifts.

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My Gifts

Sandra Hearth © more by Sandra Hearth

Published by Family Friend Poems September 15, 2021

My child is the warmth I get from the sun.
My child is a day at the fair, where I go for fun.

My child is the rainbow you see in the sky.
My child is my whole never-ending reason why.

The voice of my child is the beat in my heart,
The giggles I hear at every day's start.

The beautiful sound when my child calls me mummy,
Butterflies inside, the tickles in my tummy!

My child is my world, a gift above all,
Makes me so proud, I stand so tall.

My child is the rain that rolls down my cheek.
My child is my strength when I am weak.

My child is a creation, nothing comes near.
My child is my light in the dark when I fear.

My child brings colour bright and bold.
My child is at my side as I grow old.

My child is the star that twinkles up high.
My child is the cloud that rolls on by.

No diamonds or jewels can ever replace
My child's rosy, beautiful cheeky face.

My child is my life, my soul, my me.
Without my child, where would I be?

Children bring colour and hope and light.
Their trust and love make all things right.

My children are my joy, my precious gifts,
And each and every day my spirit they lift.

I love them so much, no doubt it's true.
From deep inside my heart, I love you!



I love writing ...funny, sad, happy, whatever I'm feeling.
It's a joy and I can leave behind all the noise of this world and go to places that make me feel, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh.
It's therapeutic a lot ot of the time, life's journey can take us to places we didn't choose and writing helps me heal.

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