Falling in Love Poem

Poem About Finally Finding Love

Sometimes in life there are bonds that can never be broken. Sometimes you can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. The one person who knows you better than yourself, That one person standing beside you all along. I found my Guardian angel. This is my first poem. It's for her. Please comment and criticize. I love my best friend so much. Share your story

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My Guardian Angel

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Published: September 2015

Feeling the world crashing down
Known as the boy who always carried a frown

Feeling so lost in this cold vile place
Looked for some much needed comfort and solace

but the search became harder and harder
Till I finally told myself," I should have known better"

To expect sympathy from people who never knew, except a few apart
"Sympathy is a key that fits the lock of any heart"

Coming "home" as an unwelcome guest
Totally tired of this lofty pointless quest

Seeing the sun, like the rest, run away
Filling my life with darkness all the way

As if it could not be filled with anything anymore
"Even you!!!" I cried, hurt to the very core

Missing the thing I never knew,
Hoping and praying I was born anew

Wishing I could fall asleep, I lay awake
Hearing my hopeless heart slowly break

A silent night...a silent tear....
As I lay awake alone here...

Hugging my pillow ever so tight
To beat the solitude of this cold night

Then with bloodshot eyes, I feel an angel lift me up
From down under lending me a hand to grasp.

Pulling me up from this void space
Holding me close with warm embrace

What I thought I would never find
I found in you -AN ANGEL OF MINE

A ray of sunshine brightening my day
Chasing all the darkness and evil away

the moments when the good times started to fade
When my hopes and dreams were starting to degrade

Its was you held me close, hugged me tight
Wrapped in your arms, I knew everything would be alright

The beating of your heart cried out to me,
"Idiot!! Why can't you ever see
Not even in your wildest dream shall you be alone,
How can you ever think I would leave my heart own.."

That right there just said it all,
Knowing she would be there to break my fall

Without a trace were erased, all my pain
Now when I've the heart to rise up again

I'm visited by the morning sun with a golden glee
opening my eyes I check on my visitor who came to see me

Ending what I could only describe as an indescribable night
Its amazing how a little love can make it all right

I found my guardian angel today,
I know she's forever here to stay,

Finally found a place where I belong
With my guardian angel, MY VERY OWN.



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