Father's Day Poem

There are so many poems about wonderful mothers. How refreshing to read this about a spectacular father.

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My Love, Our Daddy

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Published: February 2006

Daddy can you guess who I am?
You cried when I became
Your first little man.
We love to ride motorcycles
And watch Jeopardy at night,
But don't say the answers, Daddy,
Because sometimes I am right.
I told Mommy
About our secret little snack.
Don't worry, Daddy,
She didn't get mad.
The derby race was awesome,
Thank you for helping me;
We won first place together,
And I am so proud of that trophy.
Now you're my cub master,
Volunteering your time;
You work very hard, Daddy;
You're one of a kind.

Daddy, can you guess who I am?
You cried when I was as small
As a pebble in the sand.
I was a beautiful baby, I might add,
But that is because Mommy said
I looked like you, Dad.
Singing and dancing,
I love putting on shows too.
You used to read to me, Daddy,
But now I am reading to you.
You taught me how to play t-ball,
And we also snuck a late-night snack;
Sorry, Daddy, but now Mommy
Knows about our Sonic attack.
I am getting big, Daddy,
I am now in first grade.
And I am looking forward to our dance,
Daddy, that will be our special day.
Even though you can't do my hair
Or give me a curl,
I will always be
Your favorite little girl.

Daddy can you guess who I am?
You cried when you found out
You were having another little man.
I haven't told Mommy
About us sneaking any snacks,
But I look forward to the times
We get to do just that.
We dream of building hoo-hoos
In our back yard.
But for now we will ride the mower
And use our tools to fix the car.
You introduced me to Dr. Pepper,
So please smile when I have
Your last can;
Playing games with you, Daddy,
Is my everyday plan.
I may be your clown,
You laugh at what I do;
But when I grow up, Daddy,
I want to be just like you.

Honey you have helped mold me
Into who I am.
We were so young,
But we did the best we can.
We started out
With a simple little kiss...
Who would have thought
It would end up as sweet as this?
You have made my dreams come true,
Making me a Mom



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