Mother Death Poem

My Mother Died When I Was 10 Poem

I am young, and my mother died when I was ten, so I wasn't totally sure what to think, but I understood what had happened. It was really hard for me because I didn't want to cry, and I couldn't find a way to express my feelings. I tried poetry, and it helped. So, this is the poem I wrote for my beautiful, wonderful, understanding, caring mother.

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Happen To You


Published: March 2009

Everyone said it was for the best
But if it weren't for that little pest
My mother would still be alive today
And it would take all the pain away
I wasn't ready for this to happen
This was all just a big misshapen
I heard the metal scraping and flying
I was screaming loud, but not even trying
I grabbed her bloody hand, and asked, "Are you OK?"
She didn't answer, death was in the way
I screamed, "Help!!" But no one came
It was just I, and no one else to blame
I always regret that day we went out
Sometimes, I don't know what its about
You think it won't happen to you
You help friends get through
But don't think it will happen with you
Until the very day, and then you knew
That it could happen, happen to you



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