Abuse Poem

This is a poem I wrote while I was in an Abusive relationship. It lasted almost 5 years and I finally got out. I never told anyone what was going on until I couldn't hold it in anymore. To anyone out there who is going through the same situation, your not alone. I promise.

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My Secret


Published: December 2010

It's all so scary, but exciting and new. Cute all the stupid things that we do.
Heart so full, there's a lump in my throat. And just that fast I'm sinking, there's a hole in my boat.
Rain stopped today, the suns shining through. Cute all the stupid things that we do.
Things are looking better now, it was just a fight. But my face still hurts from where you hit me last night.
Breathe in deep, chin to the sky. Don't let it eat you up, don't let it make you cry. Cute all the stupid things that we do.
Keep it inside, don't let emotion show. Quiet! Bite your tongue! I think I'm gonna blow! I CANT live my life in constant fear of you. Cute all the stupid things that we do.
Oh when will it stop? I'm under this rock, and your perched up on top. The pressures getting stronger, my patience running thin. Please God let me find the strength that I have from within.

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