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Soon To Be Best Friends

Last winter (Winter 2007) a lot of people seemed to abandon me. The one who didn't was at another school. Then I met my soon to be best friends- Sasate, Hana, Kisa, and Nara. Sasate was the first to extend the hand of friendship. I was overly cautious. I turned her down. She doggedly pursued, though, and soon I warmed to her. Then she introduced Kisa, then Nara, then Hana. Each one has a special place in my heart for saving me as they did. Arigato, my friends!

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My Personal Angels


Published: April 2009

The minute I turned around
All but one turned their back.
I wept, for all the times lost
The echoes of laughter,
Frozen in time,
Shattered in space.

Then, as I sat weeping,
You came and offered a hand
I stared at that hand
And picked myself up, but thanked you
Because you cared.

Where others would have left,
You kept after me, showing me pictures
Sharing your stories.
I slowly shared my stories
Slowly gave my trust.

You introduced your friends,
Three girls who accepted me,
Not who I pretended to be,
Not false smiles
But me, the real me.

Slowly but surely,
I became a brighter child
The girl child I once was
You must've been proud to see me offer my hand
The way you once offered yours.

When you were down,
I tried to help you up
When I was too sad and lonely to care anymore
You came by and saved me
Pulled me up and saved me.

Soon the six of us were the best of friends
Sharing stories, ideas
Sharing tears and indignation
A family of girls.
I'm so happy I met you.

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