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I thought this was the best thing for us. I know now it wasn't. I live with this pain everyday & it will never go away. I love my baby more than anything & wish I could have him/her back but that will never happen. Just to let everyone know that thinks it's right it's not I realize that now

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I feel the same way. We weren't technically together and I got pregnant. He was distant after finding out, so I rushed and made a choice. He was just trying to clear his head. I have regrets...

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My Sweet Angel


Published: November 2012

My sweet angel
What I have done can never be changed
I can't believe I ever did this
I never thought I would have to do that
I loved you before I knew you
I will always love you
I wish I would have known what you looked like
What your hobbies would have been
I would have gotten to buy you baby clothes
I would have gotten to watch you grow
But I was a kid then & wasn't thinking
I cry everyday because knowing I hurt you
I know you will never forgive me & I can never forgive myself
I regret it everyday & wish that I would have brought
you into this world & at least given you up for adoption
For people who think abortion doesn't hurt well it does
Don't do it unless you truly need to
Because it does hurt more than ever
You will never stop the pain or hurt


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  • Jess by Jess
  • 8 years ago

I Just want to say to everyone that is considering having an abortion. Please Please Please Give Yourself time to think it through because the feeling afterwards is indescribable I went though an abortion in January, would of been 21 weeks tomorrow and everyday I regret it more and more! I was adamant it was the right thing for me as I have two children already that have just started school/Nursery, Until the moment that I went into theatre and watching them inject the anesthetic into my hand knowing what was going to happen and becoming curious of what they were going to do with my baby I started shaking and crying. Within seconds I fell asleep and I when I woke up it was all over my baby was gone and instead of feeling a sense of relief I felt Guilt and I was distraught with the loss. For days after I still felt pregnant and still would have done anything to change what had happened. But that's something that will never happen and I can't seem to forget. I just hope my angel will forgive me if he/she suffered any pain I dread to think but He/she will always be in my heart. Just wish things were different :( Ladies Please don't make the same mistake a lot of women do! xx

  • Sarah Cooper by Sarah Cooper
  • 3 years ago

I feel the same way. We weren't technically together and I got pregnant. He was distant after finding out, so I rushed and made a choice. He was just trying to clear his head. I have regrets and we are together 5 months later and living together and the one thing I want is another kid before I'm too old, but he won't budge on it. I just miss my baby, and I know it won't be the same baby, but I want to experience this with him.

  • Aidan by Aidan, North Carolina
  • 8 years ago

I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant my dad actually told me when I got home from school, but both parents made me get an abortion. I was so upset getting forced to get rid of my baby. I was not happy and I tried to tell the dad but he wouldn't answer my calls so my best friend called him and told him. I'm still sad about this and I can't get over it and I don't think I will.

  • J C by J C
  • 8 years ago

This really reached my heart. I haven't been through this, in fact I don't have a boyfriend yet. But, when I read these poems made by teenagers, I feel like I just went through this. I'm so touched that these teenager mothers wrote poems to their 'kids' to explain how much they love and care about them. If only god would allow their kids to read this....

  • Shayla McGowan by Shayla McGowan, Columbus
  • 8 years ago

I was 13 when I found I was pregnant with my first child my boyfriend was not happy when he found out we were in middle school and didn't have jobs so my mom paid for the abortion it was the worst day of my life.

  • Nicole by Nicole, Virginia
  • 8 years ago

I've never experienced anyone nor have I had an abortion so I wouldn't even begin to tell you I know what you're feeling. I can tell you everyone feels regret after having given up their child. It might not have been your choice or maybe you thought it was for the best of both partners. You begin to wonder why you even decided to do it you regret not ever seeing their face or his little fingers and toes. I don't know how you're feeling but I know that I would never bring an unwanted baby into the world knowing I couldn't provide for them. So, I am truly sorry it happened.

  • Crystal by Crystal
  • 8 years ago

I had an abortion once and I've regretted it ever since. I know I was young but I miss my baby boy more than anything I wish I had never have done it now as it's the worst thing any mother could go through. At first I thought I had done the right thing but now I know that actually it wasn't as I have to live with a pain telling me that I have just killed my baby and that pain is never gonna go away it never will and that is my fault. So, please for all teenagers aged 16 and upwards please don't have an abortion just because you think you're too young. If you go through with an abortion you will regret it for the rest of or life and the memory of having an abortion will hurt you for as long as you live so please don't have abortion. If you don't want to keep the baby then just give it up for adoption as there are so many couples who can't get pregnant and really want to be a mum or dad xx so please think about what I have said and do the right thing.

  • Georgia by Georgia, LA
  • 8 years ago

I had an abortion and I've regretted it ever since I know I was young but miss my lil boy more than anything and I wish I would have been able to stand up for my baby boy.... :(

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