Romantic Valentine's Day Poem

When you get to know someone, whether it is for a day, a week or more and the way you feel for that person and they feel for you, it's all about the expression, feeling and emotions of telling this person how they make you feel or you feel for them...

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My Valentine, My Sweet Valentine

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Published: February 2013

My Valentine,
My sweet valentine,
My candle in the wind;
It's the morning fresh air
The breeze that awakens the sudden chirping of blue birds,
And soft fluttering butterflies
It's the expression on your countenance
With your soft brown legs intertwine with mine, between the sheets;
As your heart beat explores mine
With the plucking of the single guitar strings and the harmony of the piano
Fluctuates over the tight, clouded air space.
It's like driving through the countryside with the windows down;
The smell of fresh cut grass and the dance of the cows utter swaying under the farmer's tight grip.
The dandelions slowly flowing in the shades of the rainbow above the seas and oceans
Glistening waterfalls and your body shimmering through the water like an electrical tides flowing throw the current of the streams
Every touch can be left unsaid, like the slow touch of your fingers, to the pull of your hands
And my arms slowly around your waist like the Waltz
My eyes fixated upon your softness, like a dream come true
With the clouds shadowing the sunlight and day becomes night
With the fading of the red flames intertwine with the sparkling waters slowly fading away
Your kiss was electrifying like the perfect mirage of a desert with the sand domes slowly falling apart
And awoken to the change of tides with the bridge of the piano slowly brushes upon the guitar and entrance of the violin cascading behind the sharp edges of a misinterpreted note
My Valentine
My sweet Valentine



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