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Poem About Change After Sister's Graduation

I'm a military child. I've moved from state to state around every 3 years. Recently we moved from a state I got very attached to. My sister, who is the most important person in my life, is graduating and I'm still not accustomed to my new city. The entire time, poetry was my only way to express myself. This poem is a mix of all the feelings I had from the beginning of the move until I finally got right with everything that was going on.

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New Life


Published: February 2016

I had my best friend
I had my own house
I had made memories
I had figured it out

With three simple glances
With two simple words
With one simple truck
With no simple life

My life was falling apart
My friends were all left behind
My memories were broken
My house was not even mine

No friends
No house
No memories
Nothing figured out

First day became
First glance became
First crush and
First love

A thought came to mind
A sister that said goodbye
A college that was large
A hard concept to ignore

Life was falling again
Life was over
Life was bending
Life was breaking

She was leaving me
She was my only hope
She helped me through
She helped me survive

He came around
He gave me a smile
He showed me joy
He showed me hope

So she was leaving
So he showed up
So it was all right
So maybe life's all good

New friends
New house
New memories
New things figured out

I had nothing to worry about
With nothing I could do
My life was fine
No problems all along

First time in a while not
A problem on my mind
Life is pulling together

She may be leaving,
But he's here with me
So everything is okay
In my new life


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