Parent Poem

No One Flies Over Papa's Nest

It took a long time and endless sacrifices of my father for this poem to come up... Me, about 28 years and my father, almost a lifetime. But it feels good to know how in the end we find that things are just as simple as complicated as they look... even if we keep looking for a long long time..

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I'd Be With You Rather


Published: May 2010

Sugarcane Juice, Bread and Jam,
The Winter Chill, how I miss them,
A hundred memories, an endless tale,
Your deeds never dull, your love never pale.

I say the things, I shouldn't say,
But I think of you, Every day,
And how you manage, to keep it up,
You made a home, fathers dream of

Younger days, Ignorant bliss,
Papa those times, how I miss,
Rainy summers, we felt the rain,
You done a great job, not all in vain

Kids grow up, drop you to rest,
They give and carry, the pain in chest,
One flies east, One flies west,
No one flies, over Papa's nest

But papa don't think, that I forgot,
That all the while, I cared a lot,
We are just children, so we go wrong,
But always return, where we belong

I always remember, more than you think,
I noticed you always, without a blink,
You work too hard, You're a perfect man,
Could I be alike? They say I can

Your simple ways, and modest style,
You've walked for long, now rest a while,
I want to be close, I need to go far,
I know you feel bad, it's written on the star

Fathers teach kids, All about Life,
They show them the fun; the pain and strife,
But kids still wonder, they wander in doubt,
And Papa you taught, What Life's all about,

Man thinks he's God, and not just a child,
The child of the God, in the world so wild,
I'm glad I found you, and just in time,
I caught the lyrics, in perfect rhyme

When I was lost, you showed me the way,
I'd be your favorite, only if I may,
The Perfect son, of The Great Father,
The world is wild, I'd be with you rather,
The world is dark, I'd be with you Father.



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