Fighting Friend Poem

This is about a friend, well ex-friend.
She has done so many mean things to me and my friends.
I can never forgive her.

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No One Is Perfect

© more by Baylee Mcbride

Published: February 2009

You can paint your toes.
And do you hair, all you want.
You can kiss a million guys and see how it goes.
But you're nothing but lies, and all you do is taunt.
I can understand why people talk about you.
It's truly simple, almost everyone is through.
With your cheating, and stealing, and hullabaloo.

You blonde hair blows on a windy day.
But the beauty you have, doesn't make up for the things you've done.
The way that you treat others isn't okay.
Don't ask for another chance, for you only get one.
I'm sorry but this is true.
I'm through with the arguments and fighting with you.

Just the other day we said our goodbyes.
I am so happy I broke free of your lies.
And never again will I go back to your web.
The friendship we shared had its time, and its ebb.


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