Mother Child Poem

Now That You've Gone Poem

A nine year old girl expresses the deep grief she experiences since her mom has left.

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My Mother


Published: February 2006

Now that you're gone,
My life seems like a song
A song all gone wrong.

Even the year has been too long.
I'd rather just cry all day
Or sit alone on an empty bay

Because Mom, nothing seems okay!

They say everything happens for a reason,
But I've been searching all season.
Maybe mine's hiding?
I'm still deciding..

Staring at the picture with you in a smile,
The smile I haven't seen in awhile.
So hard not having a mom.
Never there to take us to prom.
Never there to see her kids all grown up,
Feels like the whole world has just erupted!
Never there to kiss away your fears
Or wipe away your tears.

Being only nine,
I didn't take this as a sign
That my whole life has changed.
My whole world torn apart.

But now I can only have you in my heart.



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