Abuse Poem by Teens

A few years ago I had a friend who had a little sister around 6 or 7 who was abused and killed by her stepfather. I wrote this in remembrance of her (and for anyone else who has gone through this). Through this poem I paid my respects to my friend's beloved sister.

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Of Monster And Man

© more by Kaylee Kowch

Published: June 2018

I can never go to sleep. 
He will always be waiting for me. 
I tell him to go away, but he never does.
His face looks like the face of a monster.
One of his arms is shaped like a baseball bat.
He walks with a limp toward me.

I try to scream.
I try to run.
I start to cry.
He doesn't care.

He keeps walking with his beastly limp.
His bloodshot eyes inches away from my face.
He starts screaming at me and swearing,
Telling me that I'm no good and that I'm useless.
He tells me I don't deserve to live.
He presses on my swollen bruise from the other night.

I cry even harder.
He grins and presses harder.
I scream.
He laughs and presses so hard he breaks skin.

I smell the red dye oozing out of my arm.
I try to wake up.
I stay asleep.
He backs away a couple inches.
He raises his baseball bat arm.
He swings it at my cut and bruised head.
I finally wake up.
Things are so much clearer.
I see his true identity from above.

He is drunk.
He doesn't have a monster face.
It's actually quite human.
He doesn't have a baseball bat arm.
It's just him holding one.
He actually looks familiar.

I look up.
I see beautiful golden gates.
I see a tall and strong man.
He tells me it's okay.
He tells me it's over.
I walk to him.
I feel my cuts and bruises heal.
I look down.
I kiss my step-daddy goodbye.

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