Abuse Poem

Once As Pretty As An China Doll

This is about the forgotten children of parent on drugs. this is to let people now that if the drug problem is gone the child scar's are still there some deeper then others....

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Broken China


Published: December 2008

Sweet little girl she lost her innocence at 5
All because her Mommy needed her fix
"You and him are going to play a little game that's all."
Is what her mother told her
"Mommy needs her medicine; you don't want to see Mommy sick
Do you?"
"No" was
All she could say little did she Know the game
They where about to play
The man handed HER MOMMY THE medicine
As he licked his lips
At first he was nice asking her want she liked
Giving her candy setting her UP
For his Surprise "SO" he called it
He told her to take off her dress
She said "NO" and put up a fight
But he overpowered her after all she was only 5
When her mommy came back to get
she ran and told her what Happened
But to her Surprise Mommy didn't care
and told her "It was all her fault"
And if she told they would die
But that was long ago
And Mommy's all better now
But the sweet little girl is no more
She couldn't take the Pain
From the secret she holds to this day
So the Blade is her medicine
Once As Pretty as an China Doll
is Now........
Broken China

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