Alcohol Addiction Poem

A girl drinking her life away only to realize in the end she is stronger than before.

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One Last Fight

© more by Nikki L.

Published: April 2009

I drink all day and half the night.
I drink to drown out the pain from last nights smash.
I drink in hopes of falling into a coma.
Maybe I could find prince charming.
Not some punk with a tin hat.
I drink and laugh, I find it funny.
My friends are so hammered that they can't see my attempts.
I like this way. This way of total end.
I like the darkness, I welcome it as my best friend.
I wish that yelling would stop, it ruins my salute to the world.
My peace out to a spinning bomb.
Why is an earthquake happening while I die?
Should I get up and help my friends before I go?
Opening my eyes, I see bright lights.
On the right is my dad, crying in his hands.
My poor mom screaming my name.
My best friend shaking me while the doctors pull her away.
Maybe one last fight, maybe I can stay awake.
I wonder why I'm bleeding.
I wonder why I'm crying.
The I.V in my arm hurts like a bitch.
And for a moment, I'm in complete bliss
Maybe one last fight, maybe one last chance
Can keep my sane for my poor life.



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