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I wrote this poem for my little granddaughter Rose when she was born 3 years ago. It had been 28 years since there was a little girl in our extended family, who was my own daughter. We were all so very excited and we still love her so. She has turned out to be the most beautiful little blonde headed gift that God could have ever bestowed. Now our son and his wife are expecting our new little grandson! I'll be writing a poem for him too!

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Our Precious Little Rose


Published: May 2011

A sweet baby girl came home today
And ahh, you should have heard the people say,
Now isn't she just the most beautiful child,
With that pretty long hair and that sweet little smile!

Now all the family was there, just a ooing and ahhing,
With the neighbors dropping by and good friends a calling.
They all wanted to see this little gift from above,
To wish Mom and Dad the best and give the baby their love.

Brother Levi was there with his oak welcome cradle.
Said he would rock her and feed her as best he was able.
But then when he found her stinky diapers weren't fun,
He changed his mind quickly and took off in a run.

The proud Papa was there all grinning and beaming.
He was laughing and joking, why you ought to have seen him.
You'd thought he'd been given the treasure of the world.
And indeed he had, in this precious little girl.

Papaw was there with a new oak chest,
Made with love by his hands, he give it his best.
A gift she could keep where her little treasures could lie,
He wanted her to have something to remember him by.

There was lots of advice to the proud new mother.
Lots of do's and don'ts, and just one thing and another.
But the one thing I'll remember with the most country charm,
Was Granny's stern warning, "Now you keep my baby good and warm!"

Now she'll grow and she'll become a beautiful young lady,
And a mother she'll be some day when she's ready.
But wherever life takes her, or wherever she goes,
To those of us who love her, she'll be our precious little Rose.



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