Hard Times Poem

Part Of A Large Family Poem

It is hard being part of a large family especially when it seems you are always the one to blame when something goes wrong.

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reallyyyy nice, I was very moved and touched by this poem.

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6 People..Yet One To Blame!


Published: February 2006

Two to cause it, yet one to blame,
She started it, but they yell my name.
They were behind closed doors
so they wouldn't know that she had started it but even so...
I'm always blamed for what I didn't start,
and for 18 years it's been tearing me apart.
I yell back or fight, pretending I don't care,
little do they know it's behind closed doors where I'd tear.
It's the only place I could run to,
because no one would ever listen.
Even though I try to explain or I have a reason.
How can they be so deaf?
How can they be so blind?
They're taking all their five ducklings and leaving one behind.
I guess this duckling's had enough;
she's getting weak, and can't take it anymore.
So she stops watching the others leave,
and wonders they don't even care, so what am I living for?
But I've come to find that life was never fair.
And the love of my parents was never there.



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  • nush by nush
  • 10 years ago

reallyyyy nice, I was very moved and touched by this poem.

  • Frank by Frank
  • 11 years ago

I am moved by this poem because I have recently met the writer. she has become an intimate part of my life. I realize how she feels and thinks a little bit better thanks to this.

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