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This is how I felt after I "came to" one morning while I was fully trapped in my alcoholism. All my best efforts had failed me and I had became the monster that alcohol wanted of me. Today I am typing this as a very grateful recovering alcoholic who all he had to do was get out of Gods` way and accept his will not mine and he releived me of my desire to drink. My sobriety date is February 9,2007. Today I have got back everything alcohol had cost me, my sanity, my family(wife & 4 kids), my job, my freedom, my health and to gain all this all I had to do was give myself to a most loving "higher power" that I had cursed for so, so many years. Amen

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Published: February 2008

As madness surrounded him with her dark velvety robe, she shunned away the reaper for she would not be denied her prize, not today.

The reaper knew he had no place here as she (miss madness) stole across this still warm body. Because death would only be a reward for this ones sins.

As his grip on sanity released he knew, at least for an instant, that death was not as bad as he once had feared. In that last sane moment he yearned for it, but it was not to be, there would be no peace, no rest for his body or mind. In that brief instant he knew that he was destined to spend eternity within himself.

Reality dims, demons come and chase me. Chase me into myself. There we stand, sizing each other up before the fight. It will be a long bloody battle, we know that, we also know all too well there can only be one survivor. It is understood and accepted.



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