Depression Poem by Teens

People Say You Have To Let Things Go

I wrote this because I seem to be confused if I should just let go of everything. or still keep caring. a lot of people say you have to let things go. like if a person doesn't love you but you love them. do you just let them go or hold onto that love with hope and faith....sometimes holding on is exhausting. but sometimes its worth it, isn't it?

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Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

are you waiting for the chance, at marriage love, or romance? or a very special tune, so you can laugh and dance? are you waiting for your time, to glow to succeed, to shine? or are you shooting for higher standards, to be flawless and divine?

I know I'm waiting for my turn, to be chill instead of burned. waiting for people to listen, and not keep their backs turned. I'm waiting for the moment, for the truth to set me free. and gain back the love of my friends and family.

but the important question is, how much longer can I wait? until I become hopeless, and my heart turns cold with hate.
should I let it go or hang on tight, its the question I've been debating. no answer is in my grasp, so I'll be here, sitting, waiting.


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