Divorce Poem

I wrote this poem one night when I couldn't sleep because I couldn't sort out all the stuff in my head...so I wrote this. It's all about that feeling of being pulled apart or in pieces and you feel as is you can't fix it.

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Published: August 2008

Pieces breaking away, floating off,
like bubbles in champagne.
Heart torn in two, who to talk to?

The voice that said no to divorce,
now whispers in remorse,
This life I can no longer live it,
not for another minute.

Her heart longs for the New York mountains,
and the people who surround it.
She loves him but can no longer wait,
he loves her but cannot explain.

She must go, he must stay,
is there no other way?
Ripped in two, ripped in half,
Ripped in pieces...but on whose behalf?

We used to be a family,
we used to be together,
How did it turn into this nightmare?

Pieces all around,
shattered like glass fallen to the ground

Hope I used to have, now mocks my behalf.
I am torn apart, as the daughter of the hearts,
for they both love one another,
but never could be farther.

Pieces broken, pieces forgotten, pieces never spoken.



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