Alcohol Addiction Poem

Sometimes your best friend does something that you know is wrong and you need to decide what to do.

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Please Don't Ever Drink And Drive!


Published: June 2007

We were friends forever, from the day we were born.
We started junior high together and were ready for more!
Then along came high school and we both thought this is gonna be so cool! With all the classes to choose from and cute guys in the hallways, we had no idea of what was in store for the next days.
We both became friends with two really nice guys who invited us to hang out and said they had a surprise!
We were so exited, we thought they were gonna ask us out!
We had no clue what the surprise was about!
We got to the house and said hello but when they asked us for a drink I said no!
I was surprised when you said yes. I would have never guessed.
We always talked about how we would never drink and when you said yes I really did freak.
I sat there very uncomfortable watching you drink more and more, and I thought to myself that I have to leave just walk out the door!
But of course I wasn't gonna leave you there because I did care!
I told you we're gonna leave, but you said no lets stay please!
At that point I was really worried that you were gonna get hurt so I had to hurry. I worked up the courage and finally got you to leave, but as we were walking to the car you grabbed the keys.
I said no I'm driving give me the keys, but you got in the car and left me!
I yelled for you to came back as I saw the car stall on the tracks.
As I heard the train come near to where you were I thought oh my gosh I have to save her!
As I started to run the train hit the car like when a rock hits and breaks a jar.
I screamed no and broke down and cried and thought oh my gosh she's not alive!
So please don't ever drink and drive!


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